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We created an animated introduction for It's a digital design company based in Prague, Dublin and Toronto. We described the process using a yellow ball wandering and transforming between objects inspired by pinball.


When you have innovative technology and are new to the market, you must explain why you are worth customers' attention. Contember introduced a new approach to backed development. With Contember, you can build web apps super fast without the traditional hassle of backend deployment.


New regulation is always an implementation challenge for financial institutions. We created a visual story to summarise EY's tool which calculates the required indicators. This tool lowers the work load on the responsible managers.

HRF - Wear Your Values

We enjoyed work on this story of fashion and human rights.  This video tells micro-stories about the role of clothing around the globe in an experimental and colourful visual style. HRF is a global non-profit fighting tyranny around the world.

University democracy

Universities struggle with participation in their democratic decision making. Students are not aware they can influence important decisions. This video is explaining why it is important and what they should do.

PowerAuth by Wultra

Authentication is an integral part of our digital experiences. This video highlights the risks and explains the challenges of authentication implementation.


Proptech is a booming industry. Spaceflow app makes life in buildings enjoyable. This explainer video lists the main user and tenant benefits.

X4B opening jingle

We created a opening jingle for the X4B conference. The theme of the conference is the intersection between user experience and business.

NEC Open Modular Platform

This video explains the challenges of hardware implementations. NEC is a leader in display technologies. The story describes how SignageOS technology improves the user experience.

ČS Money on click

This visual story explains the risks of reckless money landings. It describes how a leading bank is trying to make the loan industry fairer.


Hardware display integration is complex. SignageOS solves this through digital signage standardization and makes device integration and maintenance seamless.

Women in Science

We did this short animation to celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

NOHO Modern buildings

The Noho building company uses this video to explain how technology can improve our living standards. Their buildings are in harmony with nature.

Keep Calm and Zip on

We created this 3d animated loop to highlight the zipper method in transport.

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