Explain your product's value with an animated video

We work with clients worldwide to explain what they do and clarify the benefits of their solutions. Let's create an animation to help your message be heard.
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What is an animated
explainer video?

It is our bestseller! An animated explainer video is typically about 60 seconds long. We use engaging visual metaphors, slick animation and storytelling rules to tell your audience the primary purpose of your product or service.

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We love the work we do
Here are some videos that we lately created. We enjoy explaining unique solutions that are generally hard to explain.


We created an animated explainer video to help startup called Posedla with an introduction of their revolutionary custom 3D printed saddle. It was featured in video design awards selection.


3D print


EY Impresto

We produced an animated video for EY to explain the functioning of the Impresto digital platform. This innovative modular solution is used to build almost any digital financial service.




Fake News in the digital world

This video highlights the rules of critical thinking when consuming digital content. With the truth being flexible matter in the online world, it's worth being aware of them.




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Turn your story into a visual experience

  • Customers will easily understand the value of your product.
  • You will keep your visitors on the website and get more conversions.
  • You will stand out on social media, and your brand awareness will grow.
  • An animated explainer will help you get positive reviews on ProductHunt Kickstarter

Why you should choose us

  • The story, illustrations, and motions are tailored to your business.
  • We follow your brand and create an animation to be an effective part of your communication.
  • It is easy to work with us because we love what we do.
  • Your video will be a piece of art. Our work won an award in an animated video festival.
  • You will get everything right on time.

What our clients think

spaceflow logo
"The team at ClarityMotion created a visual story that helps us communicate at scale. We used it on our website, at conferences, and even when negotiating with investors. We highly recommend them."

Lukas Balik, CEO Spaceflow

"Working with ClarityMotion helped us clearly articulate our value proposition to potential customers. We highly recommend their services for any company looking to effectively communicate their value to new customers."

Honza Sladek, CEO Contember

"We worked with ClarityMotion on a series of videos that visualised value proposition of our product line. We use deep technology, that is hard to explain. I can recommend them for any complex topic."

Petr Dvorak, CEO Wultra

"We work with teachers to help them incorporate different teaching strategies into their lessons, which are often complex. ClarityMotion's videos have been incredibly helpful. Teachers have fun with them and quickly understand everything they need to know."

Jakub Stransky, CEO Techambition

"We want more students and faculty to participate in university democracy. It is a rather complex topic. ClarityMotion distilled an appealing visual story that perfectly explains the concept."

Ota Novotny, Vice-Rector University of Economics and Business

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All the video production workload is on us
You act as a guardian of the outputs. We incorporate your comments and wait for the final go in each phase.

We will have an online meeting that takes about two hours. After the workshop, we will ask you to send any additional material you have to the issue subject.


We write the script and prepare the storyboard – the main story captured in simple sketchy form and text description.  We choose the best voiceover actor.


When you are happy with the story, we create illustration style that reflects your brand (colors, fonts, or graphic elements). When you confirm the style we illustrate all the scenes.


We bring life to the illustrations. Our motion design team starts animating objects, characters, and transitions to support the story.


We find the right sound effects to reinforce the motion. We add music to support the emotions of the video.


Finally, we export and deliver the final video in the agreed format. Now is the time to amaze your audience.

Who believes in us


Let's get you an explainer

The cost of a 1 minute animated explainer video is on average 6500 EUR.

Contact us by filling out the form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
You can also call or send a message:
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