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Our clients use animated videos to generate leads, increase revenue and educate employees

Generate more leads for your business

Harness the power of animated videos by effectively communicating your value proposition and showcasing your offerings in an engaging way.

Increase conversion rates

By presenting information in a visually appealing and easily digestible animated format, you can guide viewers towards taking desired actions – making a purchase, signing up for a service, or subscribing to a newsletter.

Drive sales and revenue

Present your products or services in an engaging and informative manner, highlighting their unique features and benefits. Increase customer confidence and motivation to make a purchase.

Impress your customers, partners and investors

Showcase your vision, accomplishments, and future plans through an animated video that conveys professionalism, creativity, and innovation.

Engage and inspire your team

Use animated videos to communicate important messages, training materials, company updates, and culture to your employees. Create a sense of unity and purpose within the organization with animated internal communication.

Reach a wider audience

Animated videos are more likely to be shared across social media platforms and go viral. Their entertaining nature and ability to convey messages concisely make them highly shareable, helping to increase brand exposure.

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We work for clients, but art professionals notice our work

We received the AniFilm international festival award as a recognition of our work. We got it for an educational video highlighting the risks of misinformation in the digital environment. See the video

This achievement underscores our dedication to creating impactful and thought-provoking content that raises awareness about important issues in today's digital age.

AniFilm award

Our animated videos close deals, open markets and educate public


When you create something truly revolutionary that is technically complicated, it helps to use storytelling to explain the benefits. We did this with Posedla and their unique 3D-printed saddle Joyseat. The video was featured in video design awards selection.


When you offer an innovative technology to the market, you must explain why you are worth attention. That was the case of Contember with their no-code backend development. We captured the value proposition in a short video format. Animated video is easier to understand than reading a text and holds attention with motion graphics.

EY Impresto

Computer programs are abstract and hard to understand. User stories are a great tool to explain complex IT systems' value propositions. The visual motion makes it engaging and easy to remember. This video explains the functioning of the Impresto digital platform. This innovative modular solution is used to build almost any digital financial service.


Show the inspiration story leading to the final product when explaining something abstract. We used this approach to introduce Icons to interior designers worldwide. This first video from the series introduces the logic behind the system. Series are a great way to keep your target audience engaged.

Fake News in the digital world

A few rules can help users uncover false or manipulative online content. With ever shorter web users' attention spans, we turned those rules into an explainer video. The lively motion graphics supports the rules with funny examples. It helps the viewer keep attention and reinforces memorizing key messages.

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You have everything under control, and the workload is on us

At ClarityMotion Studio, we understand the value of your time and strive to make the entire process seamless and professional. That means we do everything from the start till the end. Your role is to check the output of each phase and make sure you like them and that they are correct.

We meet deadlines, stick to a budget, and finally, you have a perfect video to reach your goals. Even though the final video is a coherent unit, it comprises several parts. Their development needs to be coordinated and aligned. We divide our creative process into nine phases:

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3. Research


4. Script


5. Voiceover


6. Illustration


7. Animation


8. Music

sound design

9. Sound design

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We work with clients across industries and this is what they say

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"The team at ClarityMotion created a visual story that helps us communicate at scale. We used it on our website, at conferences, and even when negotiating with investors. We highly recommend them."See the video

Lukas Balik, CEO Spaceflow

"We worked with ClarityMotion on a series of videos that visualised value proposition of our product line. We use deep technology, that is hard to explain. I can recommend them for any complex topic."
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Petr Dvorak, CEO Wultra

"We want more students and faculty to participate in university democracy. It is a rather complex topic. ClarityMotion distilled an appealing visual story that perfectly explains the concept."
See the video

Ota Novotny, Vice-Rector University of Economics and Business

"Working with ClarityMotion helped us clearly articulate our value proposition to potential customers. We highly recommend their services for any company looking to effectively communicate their value to new customers."
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Honza Sladek, CEO Contember

"We work with teachers to help them incorporate different teaching strategies into their lessons, which are often complex. ClarityMotion's videos have been incredibly helpful. Teachers have fun with them and quickly understand everything they need to know."

Jakub Stransky, CEO Techambition

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