How it is done

There is a lot of work behind a powerful animated explainer video. Explore our process in detail.

1. Free consultation

Free online consultation where you can leverage our more than ten years of experience with video animation. In this online call, you will find what the animated video can do for you. We will discuss the production process. You will decide if we are a good fit for your goals. This initial meeting takes a maximum of 30 minutes.

2. Brief

We hope you decide to work with us. In that case, we plan a two-hour online call. In this call, we gain a deep understanding of your topic, audience, and goals. We like to have different roles from your company on this call. This way, we capture all perspectives on what are the best arguments for the story.

3. Research

After the brief, we like to dive into additional materials you can provide – internal presentations, sales materials, e-books, or blog posts. We want to combine them with our notes from the briefing. We spend time doing secondary research. We read your competition's materials, industry reports, research papers, and articles.

4. Script

The first version is a text draft of the voiceover. We capture the rough structure of the story. We follow by splitting the text into scenes. We imagine visual representation for each one and think about the transitions. Our illustrator sketches the scenes and makes them part of the script. We share this version with you in a Google doc. You can add your notes and ideas. When you like the script, we proceed to the next phase.

5. Illustration

We follow your brand guide and style recommendations. We have skilled artists with years of experience with illustrations for animated videos. If you have an internal designer, we are ready to make them part of the process. The illustrator prepares one scene in the final style for discussion. When you like it, he prepares the rest of the scenes, and we can move to animation.

6. Voiceover

We search for the right voice artist based on your recommended tone of voice for the video. We have experience with a variety of artists and languages. If you target multiple markets, we are ready to prepare language adaptations of the video.

7. Animation

When the voiceover and illustrations are ready, the animation can begin. It is the longest part of the process. Every movement and transition needs to be synced with the voice. Our animators have a pixel-perfect obsession. Everything is smooth and serves a purpose. Our team follows the latest industry trends, and your viewers will have a great experience.

8. Music

Music is vital for the emotional impact of your video. Visual and audio components need to work in harmony. We search for the perfect track that fits the video. For special occasions, we let our composer write custom music for the video. It is a way to sync animation and music in a perfect piece.

9. Sound design

Sound design is the finishing touch of the video. We search for sounds that add depth to the motion design. Our expert adds the perfect sounds to match the objects' motion and scenes' transitions. Everything is mixed with voice and music. The volume and density are set for the final export. Your video is ready!

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There are a lot of variables when it comes to the pricing of an animated video production. You can select a celebrity for your voice-over, which is the video's highest cost, or you may want only a short mute motion design sequence for your website.

To give you an idea, on average, the total cost of a one-minute explainer – including all the phases mentioned above – totals 6500 EUR.  We will send you a detailed calculation when we learn about your needs and expectations during the initial consultation.

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