Startups use explainer videos

February 21, 2019

Startups are new, fast-growing companies with innovative products or services. New companies need to convince customers of their added value and credibility. The innovative product disrupts the status quo, and customers need to learn how to use it. An explainer video is a helpful tool to drive initial interest. You can share it on social media, LinkedIn, and via email.

An Explainer video

An explainer video is an animated video that shows the product's story and its added value in under 2 minutes. The minimalistic illustration focuses attention on the content of the message, and the dynamic animation reinforces its power. It is possible to go for bold effects that a live-action video will not allow.

Stories are easy to understand

The foundation of any great video is the script. To write a great script, you need all the available information and cherry-pick the ones that persuade the audience. Keep perspective and look at the product through customers' eyes. Connect arguments into a story to make the video work. It's a form in which we are used to receiving information. Explainer videos are usually mini-customer stories that viewers identify with as they watch.

The advantage of Explainer videos

The advantage of explainer videos is the wide range of uses. Startups put them on their homepage, where they help increase conversion rates. Social media is a strong domain for explainer videos, where moving content is increasingly popular. Animated video works well to support business development activities and sales. It's an attractive addition to an initial outreach - it increases credibility and gets attention.

Marketers can incorporate explainer videos into presentations, ensuring the same level of initial product explanation across the sales team. They can skip lengthy explanations and focus on a particular customer's need.

Video works as a trade show promotion - moving content entices people to visit the booth and discuss with the team.


Spaceflow is a successful startup conquering the world of proptech. In the initial stages, it received investment from UP21 and recently from star fund Credo Ventures. Proptech is an area that has yet to be discovered by many people. The essence of it is to connect new technologies and buildings. It is a specific B2B market populated by traditional players who must be convinced of new technologies' potential and their positive impact.

The product is a mobile app that connects all players in and around the building. It is a comprehensive platform with various features that create added value for users and customers. The collaboration aimed to select the main benefits and piece them together into a story in an attractive visual form. Spaceflow's fresh graphic style allowed us to use unconventional transformations and bold futuristic illustrations. Spaceflow founder and CEO Lukáš Balík uses video in presentations. The explainer has been part of business meetings and trade shows worldwide.

Author: Michal Andera

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