An Animated Explainer video brings new customers

February 21, 2019

What is an Animated Explainer video?

An explainer video is 60 to 90 seconds long and explains a product or service as an audiovisual story. There are two major types of explainers, live-action and animated. Live-action videos are great for brand building or visually appealing products. The fastest-growing companies are built around new technologies; for them, an animated explainer is a perfect choice. Compared to live-footage video, an animated explainer uses graphics and illustrations. The animator creates the whole video on a computer. This way, you can use creative visuals that engage the viewer.

  • 4x more customers want to see a video than read text
  • The likelihood that a customer will buy your product increases by 64 – 85 % after watching a product video
  • The video viewer remembers 95 % of the message, compared to 10 % when reading a text

The rise of startups; fast-growing technology companies kick-started the boom of explainer videos. A startup wants to change the entire market with a disruptive innovation that people don't know. It needs to explain to a wide range of customers the added value of the offered service or product. An explainer video is ideal for this. In a short time, it uses a visual story to reveal the added value of the service to the customers and shows how it will make their life easier.

Dropbox convinces investors with a video

The story of Dropbox's founder illustrates the power of an explainer video. Drew Houston didn't even have a line of code and needed to convince investors of the innovative service's potential. Most investors turned him down, but he continued to believe in the idea. To validate his assumptions without much cost, he made a simple screencast video describing and showing how the service would work. The video spread quickly and received positive comments. When he presented the video's view counts and positive remarks to investors, they were convinced and provided the necessary funding. Dropbox continues to use explainer videos as a proven tool to explain the benefits and convert customers.

Explainers work, and global businesses know it

Successful companies like IBM, Uber, Airbnb, Mint, HubSpot, and Amazon realize the power of video and use explainer videos. An exciting benefit of video content is the longer time spent on websites. It is a significant indicator of content relevance for Google, which moves you to the top of the results in search. However, there is a downside to the development of explainer videos. Gone are the days when a hand-drawn video on a whiteboard was enough. To engage and capture your viewers' attention, your video needs to be perfect - great story, excellent graphics, dynamic animations, and perfect sound.

If you choose to use an explainer video, you are sure to convey the information in an attractive form that works.

Autor: Michal Andera

Sources: WireBuzz Neil Patel Virtuets

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