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We are a motion design studio from Prague founded by Michal Andera and Krystof Pacourek 10 years ago. Our mission is to explain complex topics through motion graphics and animation. We work for organizations with innovative products or exciting topics to share. Our clients are large multinational companies, dynamic start-ups, and non-profits. We create content for IT, Fintech, Academia, or Blockchain industries. We enjoy working on scientific topics. The biggest challenge we faced was probably theoretical mathematics.

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Michal Andera
Co-founder / Bussiness Development
+420 777 900 090
Krystof Pacourek
Co-founder / Creative Director
Filip Hriba
Head of Design / Illustrator
Vojta Machálek
Sound Designer / Music Composer
Company info:
Clarity lab s.r.o.
VAT: CZ05640652

Vyšehradská 320/49
128 00 Prague 2

Our expertise

Animated Explainer Videos
They are the best solution if you need to explain your product or a complicated topic. Unlike actual video footage, where actors and environment could distract your audience's attention, minimalistic illustrations and animation let them focus solely on the explained issue. Computer animation also enables interesting visual transitions and dynamic movement.
Motion Graphics for Web and UI
Animations written in code are a powerful tool to get the attention of your visitors. Developers can place short animated sequences directly into the web or app code. Their small size and independence of the screen resolution are excellent benefits. These animations can be interactive.
Animations for Social Media
Motion graphics loops or short videos capture attention on social media and raise awareness about your business, product, or a current topic. These short videos can vary in shape and length. People consume content on mobile devices, and we can adapt your output to portrait mode.

We are proud holders of an award from the International Animation Festival – AniFilm 2020 in the Best commissioned work category. We got the prize for the educational animated video Fake News in the Digital World.

Are you curious about anything?

The cost of a 1 minute animated explainer video is on average 6500 EUR.

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